Long fake eyelashes


The latest fashion tendency in Japan: eyelashes so lengthy and fuzzy they can be braided. It’s so in style that Eyelash Bars have sprung up all around Tokyo, catering to the teenage Japanese women who feels God just didn’t create her eye lids hirsute as much as necessary. You know, this is so amazed it took fashion so long to provide to the huge “Eye lids as hairy beef curtains” constabulary.

long fake eyelashes

long fake eyelashes

long fake eyelashes

long fake eyelashes

long fake eyelashes

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Author: fun-is-2-cool

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  1. this is one of the stupidest things i’ve ever seen. eyelashes are meant to trap foreign objects to keep them out of your eyes…this seems like it would attract all sorts of gross stuff. and it just looks plain odd. :-)

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